Back to School Deal

Here at classof1 we help students do better in their educational life. School students and adults who face hardships in doing their homework or assignments can easily do so now via taking the help of our expert tutors as well as can also avail the benefits our Back to School Deal.

About Back To School Deal:

This deal is just an offer which gives some percent of offer to the students when they take online course help from our online academy. The end result is, predictably enough, can you track a phone that has location settings turned on utter destruction and chaos! This deal actually moves around the 2 key features i. e.

  1. Classof1 Existing Students will get 30% of discount.
  2. New Year offer: Get 25% of discount.

Just sign up for our back to school deal and get in touch with our expert tutors online for one-on-one help with homework and assignments. Besides online tutoring, you can get help on any academic subjects like math, science, social studies, management, English and so on.

What Makes Classof1 The First Preference Of Students For Getting Online Tutoring Help?

  • Students can learn from anywhere, anytime.
  • Schedule your class as per your convenience.
  • Get personalized homework help.
  • Let our expert tutors help you with assignment help.
  • Learn with fun and freedom
  • Extremely qualified and experienced tutors
  • Free solution library just register & download.

Come and submit your assignment in order to get the best help on your subject along with the features of back to school deal.  


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